Gear Infusion Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

It’s all about personality. We drink beers that we enjoy and represent us. We do the same when picking beer gear and gadgets too. Want a unique, personalized way to open bottles at home? Check out the Gear Infusion Customized Wall Mounted Bottle Opener.

Customized Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Create an opener as unique as you are. The Gear Infusion Customized Wall Mounted Bottle Opener can feature any logo or design you’d like on it. All you have to do is decide what you want it to look like.

Upload a custom design image and let Gear Infusion do the rest. They’ll review the design and send the template back to you for approval before lasering, so you can make sure it looks just how you want it.

Made from wood harvested in Pennsylvania, the natural look of these bottle openers goes great in nearly any setting. Two different metal finishes are available for the opener, so you can pick the one that best matches your style and decor.

In addition to custom design, they also offer initials and other options.

A magnet on the back holds caps as they fall, preventing them from ending up all over the place.

Custom Cap Removal

Custom is cool. It allows you to create a unique bottle opener none of your friends will have. The Gear Infusion Customized Wall Mounted Bottle Opener is an awesome opener for anyone looking to express themselves and have a cool way to crack bottles.

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Gear Infusion Wall Bottle Opener