Foam Maker Beer Mug

Beer foam is a funny thing. Some hate it, thinking it just means their glass has been robbed of precious space that could have held more delicious brew. Others see it as a sign of a well poured beer. Now if your get a foam-free pour your can correct that. With beer mug makes its own foam. With the simple press of the lever on the mug, your beer is foamed right up, releasing plenty more aromatic bubbles.  It’s like that game where you smack your bottle on the top of your friends bottle, filling it with foam and really pissing them off (and often foaming you own in the process) except you’re the victim of your own foaming in this case.

Who would have thought of such a thing? The Japanese of course.  Be sure to checkout the video below to see this bad boy in action along along with your typical Japanese infomercial quality acting and editing.  You can get your own foam making beer mug right here.