There are lots of ways to open a beer bottle. We’ve profiled plenty of them here over the years. If you’re looking for a bottle opener as unique and handcrafted as the beer you’re popping, check out the Eagle Cap-Off Bottle Opener.

Eagle Cap-Off

We love a well engineered bottle opener with a unique look and awesome opening power. The Eagle Cap-Off brings all these requirements together with a design based on a vintage piece of Americana.

With all metal construction, this bottle opener is up to the task. Polished alloy casting, stainless steel components, and hand assembled, it’s then given a vintage finish that will patina, looking awesome with age.

Operation is simple. Slip the Eagle Cap-Off over the top of a bottle and squeeze the handles. The top comes off with one-handed operation and a satisfying *POP* sound.

This bottle opener was originally made in the late 1940’s by the Eagle Lock Company. Originally founded in 1833, they were the largest lock company in the world at one point. Eagle Lock Co. later went out of business in 1975 (you can learn more about the history here).

Years later, two guys sought to bring it back. After launching a successful Kickstarter at the end of 2015, the first batch was delivered the following year and they’re available again to a new generation of beer drinkers.

Vintage Bottle Popping

Something as small as opening a beer bottle with a great opener can help add to the unique experience of enjoying a brew. The Eagle Cap-Off is a great bottle opener with a cool history and it’s built to last as you write a beer-drinking history of your own.

Grab yourself or a beer lover in your life an Eagle Cap-Off beer bottle opener from their website now and add to a savored beer experience.

Eagle Cap-Off Atop Bottle