Stigma Hemp Deam Oil CBD Oil

In addition to being delicious, beer has many beneficial properties that can help us feel better (not just the alcohol in it). CBD too, offers many benefits. Stigma Hemp and Modist Brewing have brought the two together in Dream Oil Dreamyard Hop Infused CBD Oil.

Dream Oil CBD

We’re only beginning to understand the uses for CBD but already it’s clear that it offers a host of great possibilities. Stigma Hemp partnered with Modist Brewing to bring the benefits to CBD and blend them with a hop hit in their Dream Oil.

Made from hempseed oil and full spectrum hemp extract, Stigma Hemp then infuses Dream Oil with an extract of the same Dreamyard hop blend Modist Brewing uses in their delicious hazy IPA. The botanical cousins of hemp and hops come together.

Many people use CBD to reduce joint pain, manage anxiety, improve sleep, and much more. Hops have been shown to reduce inflammation, help with sleep, and offer other benefits. Pairing the two together can give you more from this tasty tincture.

Hopped Up CBD

Modist Brewing has been known for pushing the limits of what beer is since their start. This partnership with Stigma Hemp further shows the untapped opportunities to create cool new things with the ingredients in our favorite beverage.

Explore the benefits of CBD along with hop extract. Order Stigma Hemp Dream Oil Dreamyard Hop Infused CBD Oil today and pair it with a can of Modist Dreamyard. They’re an awesome combination.

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Modist Brewing Dreamyard IPA and Stigma Hemp Dream Oil CBD