Homebrewers often look to dress up their creation with custom labels to stand out and those that brew a lot often have troubles telling which brew is which.  Thats where BottleMark comes in.  They offer custom bottle caps for homebrewers and small craft brewers.  Previously if you wanted custom bottle caps, you had to order thousands of them at a time.  Not something every homebrewer needs.  J. Cameron Cooper, founder of BottleMark, has designed a machine that allows anyone to create their own bottle caps from a single cap to hundreds at a nice flat rate of 12¢ a cap.  Their website allows you to upload your designs and proof everything before ordering making custom caps easy.  Even if you don’t homebrew they’re still great for adding to your bottle cap collection, giving away as promotional items, or using for arts & crafts.  Check them out and make your homebrews really stand out from the others.  Their blog also has some design ideas.