Critter Cutter Bottle Opener

Bottle openers are the best.  They get us into our favorite brews and that is a noble job they serve.  But when they serve other tasks too they become even better tools to carry with us.  The Critter Cutter Bottle Opener offers more than just a handy bottle opener.  In addition to prying bottle tops off and offering a twist-off bottle opener, it also has a box cutter that can also be used for prying.

Isn’t it cute?  This bottle opener looks great hanging from your keychain or backpack and will look even better opening your favorite beer.  The jimping across the back of the Critter Cutter looks great and also helps improve grip when prying and twisting at a bottle of brew.  We’ve all had those cheap liquor store checkout and promotional bottle openers in the past and anyone that has put them to good use (like most craft beer fans) knows they don’t hold up well with their cheap aluminum that seems to fail after just a few 12-packs of beer has been popped.  The Critter Cutter on the other hang has been designed and engineered to be heavy-duty so it will stand up to years and years of use and countless craft beer bottles.  Stainless steel construction offers great durability while still being light weight enough to have on your keychain or attach elsewhere and carried along on the go.  Stainless steel won’t wear over time like aluminum so the Critter Cutter is sure to last.

Cheap bottle openers are everywhere but often fail us when we need them most.  Spend the couple extra dollars and get a beer bottle opener that looks great and will last you a lifetime.  Checkout the Critter Cutter Bottle Opener’s Kickstarter page today and help fund this great gadget.

Critter Cutter Bottle Opener Backpack