Beer Appreciation Club Box

Craft beer fans are collectors. We collect all sorts of beer related items from beer glasses to beer bottle openers. From our favorite breweries, our beer travels, and countless online locations, we assemble collections of the coolest beer items around.

So what if we didn’t have to keep searching for the coolest beer stuff anymore? What if it came to us instead, without the need to always be hunting for the next cool thing? The girls at Craft Beer Hound made it happen, by joining the new Beer Appreciation Club.

The Craft Beer Hound Beer Appreciation Club is a monthly delivery of beer-filled awesome. Each month, subscriber can look forward to several beer-related items showing up on their doorstep. No more searching for the best beer items, let them come to you. Each box includes:

  • A different glass each month (1 or 2 glass options).
  • Mystery beer trinket & sticker.
  • 2 collectable beer coasters.
  • Collectable beer coaster box (in your first box).

Each month a new box arrives with all kinds of new beer fun and a new theme. The beer glass will be the style appropriate for each them. For instance, April is Belgian Beer Month, so the package will contain a Belgian beer glass.

Collecting beer stuff is a ton of fun. Having it show up on your doorstep each month is even more awesome. Get yourself or a friend a box of awesome beer fun every month with the Beer Appreciation Club and add to your collection. With the holidays coming soon, this makes a great gift idea that’ll keep making people happy all year.

Signup now for the Craft Beer Hound Beer Appreciation Club and start getting fun in the mail every month. Head over to their website and order a box for yourself or a friend now.

Craft Beer Hound Beer Appreciation Club