Craft Cups

We all love a great glass for our brew but sometimes the possibility of shards just doesn’t allow it. For times when plastic is required, don’t turn to crappy Red Solo Cups. Give your beer the vessel it deserves with Craft Cups.

Craft Cups

While a good glass may be our first choice, there are plenty of places glass can’t go. For those times, Craft Cups are just what you need.

Forget the crappy Red Solo Cups and opaque plastic. They suck for enjoying the awesome brews you drink. You want something that offers many of the advantages of a good glass, minus the glass part.

Craft Cups are high-quality, plastic beer cups.

They allow you to admire your beverage in a way you won’t get with other plastic cups, thanks to their crystal-clear plastic. Part of the pleasure we experience from our beer is from the appearance, and these cups let you see your beer just as you would in any great glassware.

The shape of Craft Cups is far better for beer enjoyment that you’ll find in other party-friendly plastic. They’re designed with craft beer in mind and help you enjoy the full aroma of your brew.

Proper size is key and Craft Cups has you covered. Offered in a true pint, they’re just what you need for your craft beer kegger. Also available in a 4oz taster, they’re perfect for your next bottle-share too! Start with samples, and moved to pints as the night progresses, without fear of broken glass or washing glassware the next-day.

A Cup Above

Simple, stackable, and stylish, these are the perfect replacement for your prized glasses when the party starts.

Cup one today on the Craft Cups website.

Craft Cups Beer Glass And Bottle