Corvue Hopped Coffee

It’s no secret, craft beer lovers LOVE hops.  That magical little plant that imparts everything from citrus and piney aromas to bitter and herbal flavors.  We look to consume those little cones every chance we get. But what about when drinking alcohol isn’t generally a great idea, like in the morning before heading to work (yes, you may have a job that drives you to drink but it’s not generally advised if you want to stay employed and be able to afford your beverage of choice).  Most turn to another one of the worlds most popular drinks, coffee.  So what if you could combine that morning coffee with the hops you love?  Corvus Coffee has done just that with Hopped Coffee.

Hops, in my coffee?  Corvus Hopped Coffee combines those two loves into a delicious combo.  They start out by cold brewing small-batch roasted coffee and then dry hop it throughout a 17-hour process.  What results is a wonderful brew with hops that bring nice citrus notes to the light chocolatey coffee flavors.  Whole-cone Citra hops from Washington state add a great addition to this cold coffee.

For those looking to enjoy their beloved hops even when they can’t do so with their favorite beer, this brew is a great tasting treat.  The little 11oz bottles are the perfect size for a morning cup or any time.  The folks at Corvus Coffee have worked hard to bring their great roasted bean brew together, with a key element of our favorite brew, for something unique and sure to please hop lovers and coffee lovers alike.  Hop over to their website and check out Corvus Hopped Coffee.

Hopped Coffee From Corvus Coffee