Corter Leather Bottle Hook

Lots of us carry a bottle opener on our keychains. One doesn’t want to find themselves somewhere without a way to open their favorite beverage. But so many bottle openers are just one trick ponies. Not that they have to do more than just get you into that magical bottle of brew, but what if they could do more? This bottle opener does. The Corter Leather Bottle Hook is both bottle opener and key hook. It allows you to hook your keys on your belt loop or elsewhere so you don’t lose both them and your bottle opener. It’s made of stainless steel for strength to last and then plated to make it look great. This opener also features a leather piece to put your name and contact info, should you enjoy a couple too many craft brews and misplace your keys. This opener is a Kickstarter project that has been fully funded so it is being produced. There’s still time to buy one by donating to their project and after that they’ll be available through the Corter Leather site. Grab your Corter Leather Bottle Hook here from their Kickstarter page before May 18th. After that, your can get yours here on the Corter Leather website.