All that imbibing of great beer can really work up a sweat.  Sitting outside enjoying a cold brew on a hot summer day?  At some point you’ll need to shower off all that awesomeness and it’s always a good idea to show up to work not smelling like a keg of your favorite brew even if you do enjoy the aroma of hops and malt.  Still, why not shower up with the some of the same ingredients used in your drink of choice?  Beer soap is a great way to get clean.  Made using your favorite beers along with ground barley and hops in some cases, these soaps are offered by a number of well know breweries from around the country and world.

Dogfish Head makes a number of beer soaps like this Dogfish Heads Miles Davis Bitches Brew Ale soap from The Beer Soap Co.  Many show dog owners swear by this stuff for bringing out the shine in their award winning pooches coat (seriously).

Stone Brewing offers 3 different soaps made with their beer.  Coffee and chocolate beer soap made with Stone Smoked Porter sounds pretty pleasing.

Oatmeal and stout with shea butter beer soap made with Guinness Extra Stout.  Almost sounds good enough to eat (other than that shea butter part).

Countless other beer soaps can be found here on Amazon. Even if you haven’t made the switch to craft beer, you could always get this Miller Light soap.  Beer soap offers a great way to clean up with your favorite drink.  It also makes a great gift.  With the holiday season coming up, it’s a great idea to keep in mind for that craft beer drinker on your list or for yourself.  Think of it as a nice way to tell your friends that they need a bath without coming right out and telling them, “You stink bro.”