Bottle opener that catches the bottle cap.

I’ve collected unique bottle caps for years and have a collection of a couple hundred at this point (I never keep more than 1 of each style so it isn’t as if I have 500 of the same Miller High Life caps).  I know others like collecting them too.  This bottle opener makes things even easier for those of us that like to collect caps by catching the cap once you pop the bottle open.  No more taking it and putting it away in your stash.  Now you can open your beer and get right to drinking (pouring it in a glass first and then drinking if you so choose).  Checkout the bottle cap catching bottle opener here.

Now the only issue is, what do I do with all the caps.  I’ve considered getting a coffee table, laying them all out and encasing them in a thick layer of lacquer so they’re nicely displayed.  The other idea is to lay them out and frame them.  Do you have a good idea for them?