Brew-K Beer Bouquet

Gifts.  Who doesn’t like giving and receiving them.  A 6 or 12 pack of beer always makes an awesome gift.  Even the giver often ends up getting to enjoy one of the cold tasty brews they gift so it’s a win-win.  But how to best package that gift?  Just handing them the beer in the traditional liquor store brown bag seems a bit unthoughtful.  Wrapping beers in wrapping paper is a pain.  Theres a much better way to gift beer.  The Brew-K is the perfect way to present your gift of beer.

The Brew-K is a beer bouquet.  Forget flowers, give the gift people really want, delicious craft beer.  The Brew-K holds 7 bottles or cans on top and 5 12oz cans in the base to hold an entire 12-pack worth brew.  Made from high quality cardboard and easy to assemble, the Brew-K is sturdy enough to be reused again and again as you pass the great gift of beer along to others.

While based in Pennsylvania, where laws prevent them from shipping beer along with the Brew-K, the maker would one day like to see retailers offer the option for people to purchase and include a custom selection of their favorite craft beer for friends.  Rather than send your craft beer loving significant other flowers on their birthday, you’d be able to visit an online beer retailer and ship them a Brew-K with your custom selection of craft brews.  Much tastier than roses, I assure you.

We all want our gifts to stand out in the minds of the receivers.  While a great selection of craft beer always will, adding a little something extra with a great presentation of the delicious brew makes things a bit more special.  With Valentines Day coming up soon, forget the flowers this year and give a Brew-K instead.  Just think, if flowers might get ya laid, what a nice amount of intoxicating beverage will do.  Checkout the Brew-K and the many designs offered for special occasions here on their website.