Brew Candle

We love the smell of beer. Be it a big imperial stout or a hop-filled IPA, the aroma is one of the best parts about our beer (other than the drinking part). It’s a smell we wish could be around all the time, not just when drinking. Wish no longer. Brew Candles fill your home with the smell of our favorite hopped beverage.

Brew Candles from Swag Brewery are great for beer geeks and candle lovers alike. They’re inspired by our favorite craft brew smells and crafted to bring those lovely aromas into our homes anytime. Apricot Wheat, Hoppy IPA, and Vanilla Porter offer smells that are sure to satisfy and bring a smile as they remind you of some of your favorite beers.

The candles are made from soy wax and each is poured into a recycled 22oz beer bottle that’s been cut to be the perfect candle-holder. They’re a great size for filling the house with great aromas, while not taking over the place like big candles seem to do.

For those looking to fill the home with the smell of their favorite brews before their next beer tasting, these candles are the key. With three aromas to choose from, there’s one for everyone. Grab your Brew Candles from Swag Brewery now, and fill your place with the scent of beer.

Swag Brewery Brew Candle