Bottle Grenade

Having a bottle opener on hand at all times is a must.  When you drink good beer, bottles just seem to sometimes appear in any situation and you should be ready to pop them when needed.  There are plenty of keychain bottle openers out there, like the Brewzkey, that will get you into a delicious brew in no time.  How about something a bit more functional?  Something that won’t just get you into a bottle of brew but can also be used for other tasks.  The Bottle Grenade lets you open bottles, twist-off tops and more.

Made from CNC’d aluminum, the Bottle Grenade is a nice looking bottle opener that also offers both 1/4″ and 7/16″ hex along with a built in hook for hanging it on your pants or purse.  You can also insert 1/4″ tools such as screwdrivers and other common parts with the Bottle Grenade.  Although useful to add additional torque, I do question the need to include the bottle cap twist-off device.  Why someone can’t use the bottle opener part to open a twist-off or even their shirt for those stubborn bottles seems a bit silly.  The thick, high quality 6061-T6 aluminum the Bottle Grenade is machined from ensures that it will last much longer than any case of beer that may challenge you.

The Bottle Grenade is currently raising funding to build them from metals other than aluminum and you can back them now on their Kickstarter project here.  Depending on your support level, buyers can get just a plain Bottle Grenade or upgrade to a custom engraved one with their name or whatever else they like carved right into the bottle opener.  Grab yours today and start poppin’ bottles.  Checkout the Bottle Grenade here on Kickstarter.

Bottle Grenade In Use