Boobzie Can Koozie

Want a great looking way to keep your favorite craft brew cold in the summer heat?  Grab a Boobzie beer can koozie.  The Boobzie gives your beer a boob job.  They’ve been enhanced for your drinking pleasure.  These Surly cans wear the Boobzie nicely don’t they?  They’re a great companion for your favorite can or bottle of craft beer along with a trip to your favorite summer spot, be it the lake or your backyard.

The fine people behind the Boobzie were nice enough to send a couple over to check out.  With thicker neoprene than your typical beer koozie, these girls will keep your beer cool while the well endowed rack gives ya something to hang on to.  While rocking the Boobzie, we heard “Nice cans!” more than usual.  The only downside is that it’s already difficult enough to keep your friends hands off your brew without this added temptation.  My friends tell me that my drink never looked so good.

With summer heat on it’s way, theres no finer time to get outside and enjoy it while keeping your favorite beverage cold and you hands nice and warm.  Go ahead.  Give your cans a boob job.  Make sure to checkout the Boobzie site here and grab your own from the large selection of ladies they offer to enhance your beer.

We’ll be giving away a Boobzie on Twitter.  Be sure to follow us and follow Boobzie here to enter for your chance to win one of these ladies of your own!

Boobzie Front And Back