Beer Tubes

We love beer.  With most beers, more is better.  Why order a 12oz glass when you can get a 16oz?  Why bother with 16oz when 20oz imperial pints are available?  And why bother with all of that little stuff when you can have 100oz of your favorite brew right on your table, ready to pour from a tap to your glass?  BeerTubes tabletop beer towers are the perfect solution to allow you to pour table-side and keep plenty of beer on hand.

BeerTubes are great for when you’re out at the bars and restaurants with friends or at home having a party.  They bring attention to the beer and offer you up to 100oz of brewtiful liquid ready to pour at your discretion.  Definitely a fun way to display your homebrew at parties.  For bars and restaurants, it’s something that other tables will see and want to order one themselves too.  With lots of different BeerTube bases to pick from, you can customize this tower of beer to your own personal tastes.

I spent a night pouring pints from my BeerTube and it really makes drinking even more fun.  Filled with 100oz of local craft beer I had cold beer on tap all night long.  At first one might want to watch how far they open the tap as things can come out a bit quick with all that pressure in the tube but after the first pint things are fine and you’ll be pouring perfectly headed pints.  When the beer does come to an end for the night, it’s plenty easy to clean up and get ready for the next use.

Beer Tubes Craft Beer Time

The Chill Stick (seen below) is a stainless steel tube filled with a non-toxic gel that you freeze and then place in the Beer Tube to keep it cold for extended periods of time.  While not necessary if you’ve got a few friends to help finish a tube off in a short period of time, the Chill Stick is a great investment for those looking to serve their beer outside in the summer or when going at one with just you and a friend (or by yourself like I did).  It keeps the beer at a nice temp for hour and is well worth the price to keep your brew cool.

BrewTubes offer a great way to display and drink our favorite beverage and make drinking even more fun.  They’re well made, easy to use, and easy to clean up when you’re done.  They offer a unique way to drink beer and people love to be able to pour their own pint right from the tap.  Checkout the BeerTubes website here and get your very own tower of beer.

Beer Tubes Chill Stick