Who doesn’t like a cold beer?  While there is nothing finer, no one wants a warm brew (we’re not talking cellar temperature here).  You get home from the liquor store and put a couple of your newly acquired craftbeers in the freezer for a quick chill.  The problem is you never seem to know exactly how long it’ll take to get them to the point you want.  Often times, you pop one of the newly chilled bottles just to find that the contents inside aren’t as cool as the outside of the bottled had seemed.  Beermometer for iPhone solves all your beer cooling woes using science (that awesome thing you’ve heard so much about).

Simply set a couple options and the Beermometer takes care of the rest.  Enter what you’re drinking (bottle, can, etc), how it is right now (outside temperature, room temp, etc) and where it’s going (outside, in the freezer, etc) and you’re set.  The app will then notify you when your beer is just how you want it.  It can email you, send a text message, post a Twitter message, or send a push message to your phone when your brew is ready.  The app knows the outside temperature based on your location and can automatically calculate how long it will take your frosty beer sitting outside to get to just the right drinking temp.  Beermometer used temperature decay to calculate just how long your beer will need to be where to hit what temp.  Looking to enjoy that imperial stout at the perfect cellar temperature after it’s been in the refrigerator for a couple days?  This app can do help.

For craft beer drinkers, most of us strive to make sure we’re using the proper style of glassware, making sure it’s beer clean, pouring the beer correctly, and making sure that it’s served at the right temp for the style.  With Beermometer, we have another tool that can help in the enjoyment of our favorite beverage.  The easy setup and simple design makes use a snap even when you’ve had a couple.  The only problem now is the wait time for that brew to be ready.  Grab the Beermometer for iPhone here directly from the App Store.

Beermometer Set