We all need a good way to keep our beers cool. Beer koozies have to be both good looking and functional. The BeerHugz has that cool look and functional design to keep your favorite brew cold. Made of a durable plastic on the outside, this koozie is lined with neoprene to keep a good grip on your beverage. The combination of thick plastic and neoprene keep heat transfer from your warm hand from heating your brew to less than optimal drinking temperature. The bottom of the BeerHugz has a slight lip on the edge to prevent condensation from getting on the furniture. The unique design is sure to attract the attention of others.  The design allows you to show off what you’re drinking while still doing it’s normal koozie duties.

The BeerHugz comes in two different options with one for cans and another for bottles. The bottle version will hold a beer can but it stretches things a bit and doesn’t have the best fit so make sure you pick the right one for the beer vessel you normally drink (or grab one of each so you’re aways prepared). They’re also offered in a number of different color options. Be sure to see all of the options on their website and keep your beer looking cool and cold. Checkout the BeerHugz website here.

BeerHugZ Closeup