BeerBro Bottle Opener

As craft beer lovers, we’re popping bottles almost every day.  For every beer lover, a solid bottle opener is a must.  Sure those 99¢ ones from the liquor checkout counter will work but they quickly go to crap when the cheap aluminum breaks breaks away piece by piece with repeated use.  There’s a reason you only paid 99¢ for it.  For real beer drinkers, you need a real beer bottle opener. The BeerBro was built to be a real bottle opener, for real beer drinkers.

No more pansy openers.  The BeerBro is built to be the heavy-duty bottle opener you need for your heavy beer consumption.  Built from 6061-T6 aluminum with a stainless steel 304 insert for popping bottles, this thing will last you forever.  While we love bottle openers that do more than one thing, far too many put the focus on those other things first, and bottle opening second.  Not the BeerBro.  It’s build for one thing; getting you into your favorite bottled brew.  No more searching the floor for bottle caps when you pop the top as the BeerBro has built-in magnets to keep the cap in place after prying.  With the power to hold at least 4 caps at a go, there’s no need to stop your bottle popping production line to remove the bottle caps while you go.  Drinking good beer can’t wait.

Just like drinking great beer isn’t something that should be left to craft beer amateurs, the same can be said of opening those great bottles of brew.  Opening your precious craft beer isn’t a task that should be left to less than great bottle openers.  These sub-par openers require more effort, more tries, and don’t look nearly as good doing the job as the BeerBro does.  Get yourself a bottle opener that is up to taking on as many beers as you are.  Head over to the BeerBro Kickstarter page and help fund this great bottle opener now.