Growler Cage Beer

Summer is here and outside drinking season is in full swing.  Summer also brings another thing that seem to go well with beer.  Biking in the summer time is a pastime many craft beer drinkers seem to enjoy.  Many a bike trip has a brewery or pub destination planned.  Grabbing a beer at your favorite brewpub while out on a ride is always fun.  Grabbing a growler for later along the trip or when you get home is great idea too.  But how to carry that growler on your bike?  The Growler Cage solves your bike and beer problems by providing a great way to carry your growlers along on your bike ride.

The Growler Cage looks much like your standard bike water bottle cage but much bigger to fit a growler of your favorite brew.  The cage is constructed of heavy-duty steel (powder coated to protect from corrosion) and then wrapped in soft neoprene to cradle your precious cargo.  The wrapping is available in 10 colors to match your bike or personality and can even be ordered separately so you can change the color should you change bikes or just want something different later on.  The sliding mount allows the Growler Cage to be mounted on a range of different bike frame sizes and can be mounted on the bottom bar or even behind the seat (with an adaptor from your local bike shop).  All the mounting hardware you need to attach your Growler Cage is included and it’s made right here in Minnesota.

Beer and bikes come together in so many ways.  Now with the Growler Cage, you can easily carry your favorite growlers of beer to your favorite biking spot or safely home from the local brewpub with ease.  It’s a simple yet great looking and wonderfully functional way to carry your brew with you.  Checkout the Growler Cage on their website here and enjoy even more beer and bikes.

Bike Growler Cage