Beer Foamer

A good foamy head is the sign of a well poured beer. A good pour opens up the aromatics of the brew and gives your drink a great appearance. Pouring your beer correctly is the best way to get a good head on your brew (although some beers may not be able to form a great head for a number of reasons). But what it we wanted to create a great looking head on our beer every time or even after we pour it into a glass? The Beer Foamer, designed by Norm Architects for Menu, allows you to create a great head every time.

The Beer Foamer means you can get head any time. Though we always shoot for the perfect pour, we’ve all had times what we’ve been left with too little head on of beer. We’re distracted or the bottle doesn’t have enough in it to get a good hard pour without dumping all the yeast in the bottom into the glass too, making for a less-than-prime drinking experience. Not to worry. Simply throw a little bit of beer in the Beer Foamer, drop the cool copper top on, and press the button to foam your beer up. Top off your pint and enjoy the wonderful aromas the foaming has released.

A healthy head atop your favorite craft beer will really release the best of your brews aroma and up the presentation value of your pint. While some will see this as a tool for a problem they don’t have, it’s cool piece for any craft beer collection and a great gift idea for your beer loving friends. Pickup your Menu Beer Foamer here on Amazon and never wish you had more head again.