Beer Blizzard

A cold beer – there are few things in life finer.  When warm weather comes, there is no better place to be than outside enjoying some delicious brews with friends.  Sadly, the summer heat we all enjoy has a negative effect on our favorite beverage.  It warms beers to less than optimal drinking temp with a quickness.  The Beer Blizzard keeps your brew nice and cool while you enjoy beverage after beverage with buds.

The Beer Blizzard is a simple freezable plastic disc that you insert into the bottom of your beer koozie.  The frozen disc keeps your beer on ice while you imbibe.  Shaped like the bottom of your craft can, the disc struggles up with your brew to keep things cool.  It also works with beer bottles.  Each little disc is RF welded so it won’t leak and the thermoplastic polyurethane construction means it won’t pop or leave a wet mess of condensation.  Each disc should stay cold enough for a couple brews, unless you drink like a grandma.  Well, not my grandma.  She can put them back and enjoys the flavor of HopSlam.

With summer here, it’s time to head outside and enjoy plenty of brews.  Keep them cold while you’re drinking with the Beer Blizzard.  This little frozen puck will keep your beverage at optimal drinking temp, even under the hot sun.  To grab a couple, head over to the Beer Blizzard Kickstarter page and make a pledge today.  They’ve already reached their funding goal and will be shipping soon.

Beer Blizzard Puck