Bar Games Drink Mats

Beer coasters.  That little piece of cardboard found at bars everywhere.  They help to protect the surface of the bar/table, absorb some of the condensation and overflow from your beer, and act as another spot for brewers to get advertising in front of you.  They’ve become so ubiquitous that we hardly notice them anymore.  So what if they served another purpose?  One that could hold your attention for more than just a few seconds?  What if they kept your attention by offering all kinds of games?  Bar Game Drink Mats from SUCKS UK offers just that with plenty beer coaster fun.

The Bar Game Drink Mats is a box of 30 beer coasters, each with it’s own game or purpose.  Darts, spin the bottle, sudoku, and more, they’re all here.  The bar mats also offer useful coasters like one with lines designed to be folded and wedged under the table leg to steady uneven tables (both thick and thing corrections included).  A coaster that folds and leaves a sign letting others know you’ve run to the bathroom or you’re out grabbing a smoke.  Chutes and ladders, I Spy, and a maze.  A bar coaster you can flip to see who buys the next drink.  Bar peanut darts and a lots more.  There are enough bar games here to keep you busy for a long time.  They’re also great for putting under a glass of your favorite craft beer.

Beer coasters have gotten a bit boring.  They serve a great purpose but they certainly could be more entertaining.  Bar Game Drink Mats offer up a load of games to entertain yourself and friends while you enjoy pints together.  They’re great for your coffee table, home bar, and they’d be great at your local brewpub too.  If you’re looking for more entertainment value from your coasters (bet you didn’t know you were until just now), be sure to check out the Bar Game Drink Mats available here, from SUCKS UK.

Game Beer Coasters