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Most of us aren’t lucky enough to live in an area like NE Minneapolis which offers 9 breweries and a number of craft beer bars within a single square mile. For most, getting to your local watering hole requires a drive. While getting out and visiting our favorite bar or brewery is a wonderful adventure, there is risk involved every time we imbibe and then drive. Even a beer or two can affect our judgement. Knowing where you’re at is important if you want to make it home safe and wake up the next day without too much hurt. For those looking for the best way to monitor their current buzz level, the BACtrack Mobile Pro breathalyzer is a great tool with plenty of sweet features.

The BACtrack Mobile Pro is a pocket sized breathalyzer. Unlike cheap units, it uses a police-grade fuel-cell. This gives it a truly accurate reading. What’s the point in measuring if you aren’t confident the measurement is right? Washable, disposable mouthpieces allow you to test yourself and others, without sharing more than the fun of drinking together.

The BACtrack doesn’t have it’s own display, and instead connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth to show your results. Using the app allows you to track your current level of intoxication. It allow allows you to store historic results and track your imbibing over time. The BACtrack app has you guess your current level of intoxication before testing and then you can view your guess vs. the actual result over time too. This helps you learn to judge where you’re at and is quite eye opening as most are likely a good bit off from how they feel compared to where they’re really at.

The data the BACtrack collects can be used in a number of different ways. Want to keep it private? That’s fine. You can also choose to share it anonymously. The anonymous data is used to create interesting reports, like this one showing US consumption mapped. You can also share your results on social media. Add your location and show your friends what you’re drinking. There are all kinds of ways to share your results.

A breathalyzer is a great tool for tracking your buzz. Find and know your limits and learn to drink in a responsible way. The BACtrack is great to not only measure but also share your current state of being. While you should never use a breathalyzer to test if you should be driving or not (if it’s to the point you aren’t sure if you’re OK, the answer is that you aren’t), knowing how much one or two beers affects you is good for gauging your limits. Grab yourself a BACtrack Mobile Pro from Amazon and start tracking your intake today. You may be surprised with the results.

BACtrack Guess BAC

Guess shown above vs. actual BAC shown below.

BACtrack Results