ATOM: A Tool Of Multipurpose

For the beer drinker, a good bottle opener is a must. How else can we get into that precious bottle of brew for quick and easy access. Your standard bottle opener is nice but some want more utility out of a bottle opener. The ATOM is a multipurpose tool that combines a beer bottle opener along with 15 other tools for a handy gadget that fits right on your keychain.

The ATOM comes packed with all kinds of utility. Two different sizes of flathead screwdriver along with two sizes of Philips head. Three sizes of hex wrench. Rulers in both metric and standard. Two files along with a pry bar. A hex bit driver, protractor, and ripping tool plus of course the ever important bottle opener. Unlike the typical multi-tool which requires a good chunk of space in the pocket, with the ATOM, all of that functionality fits right on your keychain. It’s made of high grade stainless steel and then heat treated to stand up to the abuse of popping all those bottles long with all the other applications it has.

Everyone needs a quality tool for when jobs arise. Right not the ATOM is in the final days of its Kickstarter fund raising. If you want one for yourself (available in silver and tactical black finishes) and would like to help fund their project, hurry and do so now. Checkout the ATOM multi-tool on their Kickstarter page here.