Green Army Man Bottle Opener

If you drink good beer, you’re going to need a bottle opener (sure some good beer is still available in twist-off bottles but the majority will need an opener). There are tons of openers out there. We all have our favorites. But why have just one? How about a cool one that isn’t just your standard run of the mill metal opener or gas station 99¢ keychain opener? Checkout the Army Man Bottle Opener.

All of us guys (and most girls) grew up playing with green army men. You could spend hours playing war in the house or outside. Now the fun can continue in adulthood with a Army Man bottle opener to pop your favorite brew. This solider is on a mission to make it to the extract point, remove the oppressive cap from power, and make it to the extraction point to insure your larger mission of enjoying a cold beer is completed.

Just because you grew up doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little play time anymore. Sure you’re older now but that just means that now you can have more beer than the occasional sip of your dad’s beer or stealing one from his fridge. Break out the army men and break out the craft brew and have a blast. Get your Army Man Bottle Opener here on Amazon.