Bent-Nail Bottle Opener from Areaware

There’s no shortage of awesome beer bottle openers out there but some options are a bit extreme. For those looking for something simple, functional, and great looking, the Areaware Bent-Nail Bottle Opener is a perfect pick.

Bent-Nail Bottle Opener

You need a bottle opener that works. One that doesn’t have all those extra funny functions or cost a fortune, and still looks good. The Bent-Nail Bottle Opener designed by Areaware is just that.

The Bent-Nail Bottle Opener was designed by Brendan Ravenhill. Made from wood and formed to have an ergonomic handle, a single bent-nail protrudes from one end. It feels great in the hand, and levers bottle caps off with ease, the true test of every great bottle opener.

A strong magnets embedded in the opener holds it easily in-place while prying, then keeps the cap from going flying when popped. The magnet atop the opener allows it to be stuck to your refrigerator when not in use. Great for keeping it in a place to be easily accessed when grabbing a cool beverage from the fridge.

Bottle Opening K.I.S.S.

Sometimes we don’t want a bottle opener that’s also a 20 in 1 multi-tool or one that takes up half your silverware drawer. You just want a bottle opener that looks good, feels good, and most importantly, opens bottles easily. The Bent-Nail Bottle Opener checks all of those boxes without the over-the-top add-ons you simply don’t need.

Order your own Bent-Nail Bottle Opener from Areaware here on their website. Though if you’re feeling like it needs something more, you may want to add a bit of flare by choosing a color dip option. Enjoy.

Areaware Bent-Nail Bottle Opener