The Economics Of Beer

We all know that craft beer has been growing for years now. The number of breweries and the overall sales of craft beer continues to climb year after year. It’s fascinating to read about but some of us might be looking for more. For those that are looking for really in-depth reading about the beer sales, The Economics Of Beer may be the thing.

The Economics Of Beer is a collection of papers presented at the first annual Beeronomics conference. Papers cover a range of topics about the economies. While the information presented is very informative in many ways, its incredibly dry. This isn’t something for the average craft beer fan or even the dedicated ones but more likely someone working in the beer industry. To be honest, I tried to read each of the essays but wasn’t able to finish any of them as they were just so dry and uninteresting that I moved on to the next only to find myself at the end of the book. Like I said, not a book for most beer fans or even very dedicated ones.

While not for most beer fans, The Economics Of Beer is an informative collection of papers that those working in the beer industry may be interested to read. It presents an in-depth look at the industry and the sales of our favorite beverage. Grab a copy of The Economics Of Beer here on Amazon.