The Beer Pantry: Cooking At The Intersection Of Craft Beer and Great Food

For many of us, our love for food is bested only by our love for beer. We enjoy tasting new dishes nearly as much as a new brew. For awesome recipes that play well with the beers we love, check out The Beer Pantry: Cooking At The Intersection of Craft Beer and Great Food by Adam Dulye with Michael Harlan Turkell.

The Beer Pantry

Pressed Chicken - The Beer Pantry

Many beer cookbooks are all the same. Some interesting recipes that feature heavy-handed use of beer in each. While it’s awesome to involve our favorite beverage in the things we cook, like any other ingredient, it’s pointless to add if it doesn’t work with the rest and bring value in being there. As the title implies, The Beer Pantry is filled with recipes at the intersection of craft beer and food, without always feeling the need to force the two together.

Filled with wonderful recipes, this cookbook only adds beer when the addition makes sense. Maybe adding a bit of brew will really bring about the flavors we’re looking to create in a dish but if it won’t, that’s certainly okay too. These chefs understand that beer and food can go together, without having to contain each other to work.

Recipes are broken down into sections based on the tastes we find in beer. Crisp & Clean, Hoppy & Bitter, Malty & Sweet, and others give us a great way of finding the right recipe.

Between each chapter, a brewers spotlight features a bit on well known brewers and a profile of some of their most loved brews, plus what to pair it with.

Each recipe includes easy instructions and mouth-watering photos. They have pairing strategies, along with recommended beers. This really takes the guesswork out of which brew go pick.

Best Served With Beer

Food plus beer make a perfect pairing and this book helps you bring them together in many wonderful ways. Through helpful recipe-type arrangement, wonderful pictures, great descriptions, informative pairing strategies, and beer recommendations, The Beer Pantry gives you tools to create delicious dishes.

Grab your copy of The Beer Pantry: Cooking At The Intersection of Craft Beer and Great Food from Amazon now and get cooking (with a beer in hand of course).

Peanut Butter Semifreddo - The Beer Pantry