Pilsner: How the Beer of Kings Changed the World

IPA dominates the craft beer category. While we like it hoppy, lager is the beer that built America and dominates the world. More specifically, Pilsner is the beer that sells more than any other worldwide. Take a deep-dive into the history of this bottom-fermenting beverage in Pilsner: How The Beer Of Kings Changed The World.


It’s clean and crisp, and perfect in almost any situation. Pilsner is the beer of the people (and kings too). But how did this ubiquitous brew come to be the most commonly consumed variety around the planet? This book explores the history of this popular style, in detail not found in other beer books.

The story of pilsner begins in its namesake city of Pizeñ (formerly Pilsen in German) in the Czech Republic. Author Tom Acitelli (who also wrote The Audacity Of Hops: The History Of America’s Craft Beer Revolution) offers a look at where this lager began, how it grew throughout Europe, and then its explosive growth once it hit American shores (particularly after Prohibition).

While many beer history books recount the same popular stories (which this one does from time to time), this book does offer quite a bit of interesting insight not included in other educational offerings. The early years of the creation and evolution of Pilsner in Europe are very interesting and include many details not chronicled in other recent beer books. But once we get to the American shores (especially from Prohibition through the craft beer boom) the story gets a bit repetitive. Even so, it does offer some new stores and facts not talked about in other texts.

Lager Love

More than 1.6 billion barrels of beer are produced worldwide every year and Pilsner makes up the majority of them. While many craft beer fans may not be big on this lovely light lager, there’s a reason it’s garnered such a great following. Light malt flavors, soft sweetness, and a touch of hop bitterness, before an effervescent fizz, it’s the perfect beer to consume any time. Billions of beer drinkers can’t be wrong.

Grab a copy of Pilsner: How The Beer Of Kings Changed The World from Amazon now and a proper pour of Pilsner, as you consume the rich history of this beloved brew.