Craft Beer World by Mark Dredge

Anyone that has been in the craft beer world for a while knows about beer reviews and the many beer review sites.  Most of us have likely written a review or 2000.  Writing notes about our beers helps us to break them down and really focus on what they’re all about and what we enjoy about them.  We find flavors we may not have noticed before and aromas we really like.  Reviews are a great way to educate those that are new to craft brew and good for expanding the knowledge of those more seasoned veterans of the drink.  Sometimes we find reading others reviews helpful in finding new and interesting brews that we would like to enjoy ourselves.  Beer judge Mark Drudge has written about over 350 of some of the best beers in the world in his book Craft Beer World.

Craft Beer World takes more than 350 beers and breaks them down into 50 categories then breaks down each of those brews.  These reviews aren’t just some amateur stuff on some internet site.  This author really knowns his stuff.  His writings have been good enough to earn him British Guild of Beer Writers awards in 2009, 2010, and 2011.  It’s a nice reference for those that are new to craft beer, looking to explore new beers and find out a bit more about them before they run out and start buying a bunch of beer that may not be exactly what they’d been looking for.  While it’s awesome to try new things and explore new flavors, sometimes people want to know what they’re getting ahead of time.  This book helps the reader do just that.

Exploring the world of craftbeer is an fun filled journey.  While many of us like to jump right in and form our own opinions by trying everything we can get our hands on, some like to know a bit more about what they’re getting into.  This book is a great read for those who look to know more about what they’re jumping into but also for those that are looking to learn a bit more about many of the great beers out there.  This read will leave neither party disappointed.  Buy Craft Beer World by Mark Dredge here on Amazon now.