Cookies And Beer

Beer and food are killer pairing. There are so many ways a great beer can make an awesome meal even better. In food or with food, beer always makes things even more delicious. While most recipes seem to look to starters and the main course, we shouldn’t forget the best part of a meal, the dessert. And which dessert does everyone love? Cookies. The new book Beer & Cookies brings two of our favorite things together in so many wonderful ways.

Beer & Cookies is a cookbook filled with recipes for all kinds of tasty treats. Broken down into categories like breakfast, chocolate, fruit, savory, holiday and more, this cookbook has countless recipes for every kind of cookie-lover. Delicious desserts like Peach and Hefeweizen Jame Brown Butter Thumbprint Cookies and Almond Apricot White Chocolate Chunk Cookies fill the pages and soon your stomachs.

Unlike many other beer cookbooks, the author of Cookies & Beer has done a great job of picking beers that are available across a wide area and shouldn’t be too difficult to find. Classic favorites like Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout, Founder’s Porter, New Belgium 1554 Black Lager, and many other highly-available brews should make simple to get just the right ingredients for your cookies, without having to resort to substitutions (unless you’d like to do so).

When designing the perfect pairing for your favorite brews there’s no need to skip the sweets. Cooking up a batch of cookies can be far more fun and easier to share than a big roast or other main dish where the beer is often lost in the other big flavors. With cookies, the beer can really come through and offer a perfect pairing with your sweet treat. Grab your copy of Cookies & Beer from Amazon and bake, pair, and enjoy.

Cookies And Beer Recipes