Beer Cap Collector Shadow Box

Beer Cap Collector ShadowBox

Craft beer drinking and collecting seem to go hand-in-hand.  We collect bottles, growlers, labels, glassware, brewery swag, beer fest programs, and of course, bottle caps.  We collect dozens of those little metal tops from all of our favorite breweries, usually with the intent on doing something with them some day.  But what?  People come up with all kinds of ideas for their cap collections.  Covering a table/bar top, earrings, various craft projects, and much more.  Though we may have a million ideas, it seems very few follow through with them.  How about an awesome way to display all of those bottle caps, right now?  The Beer Cap Collector Shadow Box from Craft Beer Hound is the coolest way to show off your bottle cap collection.

The Beer Cap Collector Shadow Box is an awesome addition to any beer lover’s collection.  The more bottled beer you drink, the more caps you have to fill your collector box.  A hole in the top of the shadow box makes it easy to add each additional cap to the collection.  The box has a hefty construction and a classy beer glass graphic (also available with “Good Times, Good Beers” printed on the glass).  In my case, I’ve chosen to only keep unique caps, rather than keeping every cap.  This makes for a smaller collection but also more variety in the cap collection.  The cap collection grows with the memories (some may be fuzzy) of all the great beer you’ve enjoyed, and the wall art gets even better too.

This shadow box is the coolest way to show off caps from the awesome beers you’ve enjoyed over time.  It’s a piece that everyone will love and a sure conversation starter (everyone that has seen mine has loved it).  The build quality is great and it looks classy.  It’s an awesome gift idea for any beer lover and the coolest wall hanging around.  This shadow box doesn’t mean that you can’t still do all those other things you’d planned to do with your bottle caps.  Instead, it’s a great way to show them off  while you collect enough for your project.  Get one for yourself and start showing off your bottle cap collection.  Head over to the Craft Beer Hound site to buy the Beer Cap Collector Shadow Box and check out their other awesome items.

Beer Cap Shadow Box

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  1. This is stupid. You can’t see what 95% of the bottle caps are

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    • Then fill it with even more caps. Do you really need to display all of them? Other options don’t seem as classy. Covering a refrigerator or a coffee table isn’t going to fly in most rooms with the wife.

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      • Might be time for a new wife. kidding, kidding!!

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        • No wife, though I do try to make the place not look like a total bachelor pad. Will eventually do something else with the caps but this is a great way to collect them for that project rather than in the Abt 12 60th Anniversary tin they were previously filling up.

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  2. I am a wife and I am perfectly happy with a big glass cookie jar filled with caps on top of the refrigerator. A plain shadow box on the wall of the beer cellar would be fine too. But a(n overpriced) shadow box with a cheesy beer glass etching? No thanks.

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  3. I love this shadow box and collecting only the special caps. I have made beerings out of them and some day will get more creative for coasters and a table. It is interesting how people are so quick to share negative comments. I love your blog. Keep up the great coverage

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  4. I loved the idea. I think it would be great on my dining room wall …. i hope they can send it to Brazil. 🙂

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  5. like that you share all the weird things out there. this would be ok if the box was thin enough to display one cap thickness otherwise just throw the caps in a bucket same effect.

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