Snifter glass of light looking beer next to a bottle wrapped in paper of Fair State Co-op Chapter 5: Happy Accidents.

Journeys + Sidequests was the most amazing series any brewery has ever offered. It allowed one of the most talented brewers in the world the opportunity to make beer that normally wouldn’t happen. This is because certain things wouldn’t sell enough to make them worth the investment. By all of us investing in their yearly club, we were not only able to finance the making of this craziness but got the enjoy the product of it too.

Happy Accidents

The Journeys + Sidequests program was amazing. Each year you received 12+ bottles of experimental beer. The reason most brewers can make a beer is that they know they can sell it and make a retype. Nothing wrong with that, breweries are businesses like any other. But that also prevents them from doing some things because it’s simply not financially viable to make some things. Journeys + Sidequests overcame that by getting us all to buy in upfront and go along for the ride. And it was fantastic.

Each year we’d get 13+ bottles of sa pecial beer they’d never be able to make for the mass market (or at least not guarantee they could sell enough to make it worth brewing for them). So much mixed fermentation in so many ways that have never been explored before.

Clear deep golden yellow fills the glass, with a bubbly white head that quickly settles and leaves no sign of lacing on the glass walls.

Fruity mixed culture fermentation touches the nose. Sweet stone fruit, light malt sweetness, and just a distant hint of woody oak. A touch of green apple and funk is there.

Take a sip and there’s a quick touch of malt sweetness but quickly the funk becomes the star here. Sour green apple, lemon rind, and a citrus spritz. Then it’s all tart. Bit of funky apple, light berry, and some woody oak from the barrel-aging.

Though it used brandy barrels I couldn’t say that’s what I’d identify it as but it also has 2 years of age on it, where flavors mellow, other than the funky which becomes bigger with time in many mixed culture beers.

Mixed Amazing

Though the name says such, this is anything but a Happy Accident. It’s spot-on action that’s both light and drinkable but also crazy complex. The brandy barrels aren’t overly defined here but do add some sweetness and brilliant oak to the flavor and funk.

I’m an owner of Fair State Co-op. Hundreds of others are too. And we’d love to have you join. Not only do you get $1 off when you drink, but there are so many more membership benefits. This beer and the amazing ideas that Niko comes up with are part of it. Join us and get some of the greatest beer made in the country. Become a Fair State Co-op Member now.