Sierra Nevada 40th Hoppy Anniversary Ale

Hoppy beers are incredibly common these days but when craft brewers first emerged in the US, they were far from the norm. In 1980, when Sierra Nevada opened their doors, even their Pale Ale was incredibly hoppy by standards of the time. Since then, the craft beer scene has experienced amazing growth, and our love of hops has continued to grow. To celebrate 40 years of brewing, Sierra Nevada has released their 40th Hoppy Anniversary Ale.

40th Hoppy Anniversary Ale

Forty-years is a long time for any business, but few craft brewers have been around as long as Sierra Nevada has. They’ve pioneered in the industry and changed the minds of many. Nowhere have they done so more than with hops. Celebrating this milestone anniversary, they created 40th Hoppy Anniversary Ale, an IPA that showcases those beauties of the bine that we love.

Pouring a deep golden color, a thick white head of foam forms atop. It settles slowly and leaves plenty of sticky lacing clinging to the glass as you consume the brew within.

The aroma is all West Coast IPA. Big sticky pine assaults the nose, along with abundant citrus notes.

Citrus flavor is plentiful, with notes of grapefruit, sweet orange, and a touch of lemon, imparted from classic American Cluster, Cascade, and Centennial hops. There’s a bit of bitter pine, which is then balanced by the slightly sweet caramel malt. It finishes clean, making you yearn for another sip.

Sierra Nevada does what they always have, creating beautifully balanced beer, that’s delightfully drinkable.

40 Years Of Brilliant Brewing

In the years they’ve been brewing, Sierra Nevada has created classics enjoyed by craft beer veterans and new-converts alike. Few others create so many hits time after time, with a level of quality and consistency not many can match.

Sierra Nevada 40th Hoppy Anniversary Ale is a wonderful West Coast IPA packed with the hop aroma and flavor of the style they helped pioneer. It’s a worthy celebration of nearly half a decade of brewing achievement. Grab a 6-pack and raise a glass to 40 years and many more to come, from an American original.