Muddy Waters recently moved and has reopened with a full food menu and great craft beer selection in addition to their great coffee house beverages and snacks of the previous spot.  It’s located directly across the street from The Herkimer just 1/2 a block north of Lake Street on Lyndale Ave in Uptown.  The front windows open up in the summer months and the inside has a nice airy feel to it.  A good sized bar with the beer taps clearly displayed for the imbibers.  Along the side of the building is a small alleyway converted for outside seating that catches the direct sun only a couple hours a day and has nice overhead strings of light for the evening.

30 taps of craft beer to suit anyone’s tastes in addition to cans and bottles for those looking for something more mainstream.  Who wouldn’t want a can of Olympia for just $2.75?  A full selection of Surly offerings along with beers from Founder’s, Bell’s, Brooklyn Brewery, Fulton, Great Lakes and more are available and all are reasonably priced and served up in proper glassware.

The food menu offers plenty of options and there are also daily specials.  They had a very good looking pizza for just $10 that would have easily fed 2-3 people but I settled on the Fennel-Kraut Dog.  Two all beef hot dogs, natural casing, and Surly Bender mustard for $5.75 is a steal.  I can honestly say it was possibly the best hot dog I’ve had in the Twin Cities area.  While I love the large selection of dogs that the Bulldog locations have to offer, the dogs themselves, the casing, the fennel-kraut and the Bender mustard on the Muddy Waters dogs were perfect.

Happy hour offers food specials daily and drink specials on weekdays, both from 3-5pm.  Drink specials for beer are $2 Grain Belt Premium, Hamm’s, Old Style, and Olympia cans and $3 PBR, High Life, Fat Tire, Schlitz, Bud, and Lone Star.  Not really the best specials for craft beer drinkers but you can always spend happy hour right across the street at The Herkimer enjoying 2-4-1s on their house craft beer and then wander over afterwards for food and more craft brew at Muddy Waters as we did.  Those overly sensitive to cigarette smoke may not want to sit on the side patio on a calm day as there wasn’t much airflow and you could watch the smoke hang in the air around those puffing away.

Love the new location, the atmosphere, craft beer selection and food at Muddy Waters.  I’ll undoubtedly be back again very soon and suggest you check it out soon too.  Let me know and maybe we’ll grab a beer together.

Muddy Waters 2933 Lyndale Ave South, Minneapolis, MN 55405 (612) 872-2232