Avery Brewing Joe's Premium American Pilsner

While the world of craft beer has been pushing the bounds of brewing further and further with new and crazy ingredients and techniques each week, some forget that more traditional styles can be awesome too. Pilsners, and lagers in general, don’t get a lot of respect from many craft beer drinkers. Many need to realize that pilsners can be a great, highly drinkable beer when they’re done right. Avery Brewing Joe’s Premium American Pilsner is a perfect example of that.

Joe’s Premium American Pilsner is a more contemporary take on the classic pilsner style. It’s hopped up with nice bitterness. It’s dry and very easily drinkable. Plenty of floral aroma from the Noble German hops. This beer is very sessionable at a 4.7% ABV and weighs in with 42IBUs.

The big beers most craft beer fans clamor for are great. They’re big on flavor and alcohol. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t want something more drinkable at times. If you’re looking for something you can enjoy all day (especially on those hot summer days), checkout a nice pislner. Checkout Avery Brewing Joe’s Premium American Pilsner in cans and on tap.