We’ve all found options on a beer list that we’ve had questions about.  The list includes just the beer names and no description or it has a description but we’d like to know what others think of it.  We can simply head to a beer rating site like RateBeer and look up more information on these brews, but what if there was a much easier way?  The new SipSnapp app makes finding out more the beer menu a snap.

SipSnapp requires just a simple picture of the beer menu and you’ll have descriptions, ratings, and more pulled from RateBeer in seconds.  Simply use your iPhone to take a picture of the bar’s beer menu and SipSnapp pulls all of that information for you.  No more manually searching for beer ratings on your smartphone.  SipSnapp also has a barcode scanner to make shopping for beer at your local liquor store quick and easy.  Simply scan the barcode with your phones camera and it’ll return info on your potential purchase.  This app is great for those new to craft beer looking to learn more about the options available to them.  It takes much of the fear of ordering something they make not like out of the equation.  Snap and you’ve got plenty of info to base your drink decision on.

SipSnapp makes it quick and easy to find out more about the beer menu at any bar or restaurant you visit.  They also hope to expand the app to cover wine too.  While not all craft beer drinkers may get into wine, it’d certainly be nice for the casual wine drinker to be able to find out more about the wine options before ordering.  I know many are intimidated by all of the choices and knowing little about wine to begin with.

The folks at SipSnapp are currently running a Kickstarter project to raise money to build the app.  Current plans are for an iOS version but they will add an Android version too if they reach a $50k funding goal.  A couple dollar contribution can get you a 1-year or a lifetime subscription to the SipSnapp app and help fund this great app.  Check out their Kickstarter page for more information and help make this useful beer utility a reality.