Pinch Multi-Tool

Craft beer drinkers are prepared for anything. Well, anything that involves drinking. As such, we always look to have a bottle opener handy for impromptu drinking sessions. Small keychain bottle openers are great to preparedness as they offer a convenient way to carry the handy bottle popping tool we need. While a standard keychain opener is fine, ones that pack additional function are even better. The problem with many is that the addition of functionality means lugging around something far larger on your keychain. Fear not. With the Pinch multi-tool, you get functionality without the added bulk.

The Pinch packs 10 tools in a tiny package. At only 1.5″ x 0.5″, it’s less than adding another key to your keychain yet it packs tools like a screw driver, wire stripper, nail puller, pry-bar, and all important beer bottle opener. Made from durable titanium, it looks great and will last for the task of popping all the bottles you can handle.

Those looking for form plus functionality will like the plethora of tools that the Pinch multi-tool packs into it’s tiny form factor. Having a bottle opener when you need it is a must and being able to do so much more without adding bulk to your pockets is a big bonus. The Pinch is just the key for those looking to open a brew or tackle small jobs. Check out the Pinch Kickstarter and help fund this wonderful little tool.

Pinch Bottle Opener