Beer and ice cream?  Don’t run away screaming at the thought of Bud Light Lime flavored ice cream.  This stuff is made with craft beer.  Frozen Pints offers flavors that include Peach Lambic, Honey IPA, Brown Ale Chip, Cinnamon Espresso Stout, Vanilla Bock, and Malted Milk Chocolate Stout.  Sadly for now the only place you’ll find it is at select events around the Atlanta area although they do hope to expand quickly to other markets.  I wonder how the Malted Milk Chocolate Stout would be in a stout beer float.

Victory Brewing Company has also released their own line of ice cream made with their beer.  They’re offering the following flavors at their retail store.

  • Triple Monkey – a banana ice cream made with the wort from Golden Monkey, swirled with peanuts and caramel,
  • Hopped Up Devil – a cayenne and cinnamon ice cream made from HopDevil wort studded with chocolate-covered coffee beans
  • Storm King Crunch – chocolate ice cream made with the wort from Storm King Stout, with chocolate malted milk balls.