Racetrack Style Bottle Openers

Beer guys and car guys are very often one and the same.  When you get done working on your pride and joy (or that source of disdain), a cold beer is just the ticket to relaxing.  We both love our hobbies spend way too much time and money on them.  Chances are you or a good friend is into both hobbies.  So what do you get a car guy that also loves beer?  How about a bottle opener?  One that looks just like the source of their pride.  The Racetrack Style beer bottle opener is just the ticket.

A bottle opener that looks just like your classic ride?  That’s right.  Racetrack Style makes beer bottle openers that look like many of the classic (and some modern) vehicles we’ve all fallen in love with.  The Fox Body Mustang and Chevelle SS pictured here or maybe you want a classic Porsche 911.  They’re all cut from 12-gauge brushed stainless steel and look great.  Like the cars they depict, they’re functional tools too and make quick work of popping open your favorite brew.  In addition to offering bottle openers in the shape of your favorite ride, Racetrack Style also offers keychains and more in the shape of your favorite race tracks from around the world.  A very cool way to represent your favorite track-day toy and the spot you best like to race it.

Bottle openers come in all types of shapes and sizes.  They offer a personal expression that shows a unique part of many of us craft beer drinkers.  For those that love their motor vehicles, Racetrack Style offers a great gadget that ties together two of the things we love.  With plenty of gear heads on your list, grab them a bottle opener that will remind them of that vehicle sitting in their garage right now (or the one they’ve always loved but no longer have around).  Head over to the Racetrack Style website and check out all of their awesome beer bottle openers now.

Racetrack Style Beer Bottle Opener