When most of us begin our craft beer adventure, we start by exploring the beer world around home. We find our first go-to beer bar and the expand our horizons with new brews and spots. Soon this exploration turns to journeying to local and regional breweries and eventually we find ourselves traveling the country and the world to seek out new and interesting beer to enjoy. When we travel to new places, we often want to take some of that beer experience home with us. Transporting a couple prize finds home always has an element of fear that they may not make the journey intact. Pack your prizes with peace of mind using the BrewHug.

The BrewHug is a self-inflating beer bottle protector. It flattens nicely when not in use, so it doesn’t take up much room in your travel bag. Then when you need to protect precious cargo, it self-inflates and wraps the bottles nicely, to keep them safe for travel. The BrewHug holds two 22oz bombers or 750ml bottles. It can also protect four 12oz or 16oz cans.

Packing your brews for transport is easy. Simply unfold the BrewHug and open the valve to let it inflate. Place your beers in the center and then velcro the side padding between the bottles, so they don’t clink into each other. Fold the other center piece over and then inflate until snug. Lastly, you simply connect the velcro straps at each end and you’re ready to travel.

Bringing tasty treats for friends you’re visiting or taking home reminders of great beer travel, packing beer along becomes part of most craft beer fan’s lifestyle. While using socks and paper towels may work, there is always worry you’ll make it to your destination with the spoils of a fallen solider. The BrewHug keeps your brews safer when traveling and does so in style. Grab yourself a couple and pack better the next time you head off to explore craft beer the world over. Check out the BrewHug website and order yours today.

BrewHugs Inside

BrewHugs Unloaded