Beer is the perfect traveling companion.  No matter the place, a cold brew always makes the trip better. The problem is keeping that beer cold along the way. In addition to keeping your beverage at it’s drinkable best, some places aren’t too keen to let you carry a bottle of beer around with you. The BottleKeeper solves your travel beer problems.

The BottleKeeper is a solid thermos-like container for keeping your beer bottle cold and protected. Simply screw off the bottom, pop your beer bottle inside the neoprene lined body, hook the bottom back on and you’re set. The cap seals an open beer bottle so it won’t spill even if you don’t finish your brew in a single gulp. The stainless steel construction and padding inside means your glass bottle isn’t in danger of breaking as it would be if you were to drop a normal bottle on the ground.

Out and about somewhere they don’t take kindly to someone drinking a bottle of beer? The BottleKeeper looks like a water bottle so you shouldn’t get any trouble from those looking to ruin your fun. You’re just rocking an innocent water bottle as far as others are concerned. A water bottle containing the best beverage out there: craft beer.

For those on the go and looking to bring beer with, the BottleKeeper keeps everything cold, safe, and ready to drink. It’s a great way to bring your favorite beverage with you where ever you’re off to. Be sure to check out the BottleKeeper website and sign up for their email newsletter to get a great discount on your own BottleKeeper.

Beer Bottle Inside BottleKeeper