We all love to enjoy plenty of our favorite beverage, craft beer. But things can turn messy if we don’t keep track of intoxication levels. Estimate your alcohol level in seconds with the super-accurate BACtrack C8 personal breathalyzer.

BACtrack C8 Breathalyzer

Carrying a personal breathalyzer can help drinkers make better choices, know their limits, and be better about our consumption. BACtrack makes a whole line of high-quality breathalyzers and the new BACtrack C8 is the latest addition to their great lineup.

When it comes to testing your BAC, you want the most accurate results possible. What’s the point if you can’t trust the reading? Many inexpensive breathalyzers use semiconductor sensors which aren’t always the most accurate. Fuel cell sensors are much more sensitive and offer far more accurate results. The BACtrack C8 uses police-grade BluFire® fuel cell sensor technology for super accurate readings you can trust.

While the C8 offers the same accurate results as other models like the BACtrack C6, it also includes ZeroLine® technology. This estimates the time until your BAC will return to 0.00%, allowing you to make better decisions when you need to sober up.

It’s really helpful in understanding how long until you’ll be sober. I’m sure most will find that it takes far longer than they’d thought. This information further helps us gauge how much we’ve had to drink and the impact alcohol has on us.

Smartphone Connected Results

BACtrack ResultsIn addition to the built-in screen, the C8 is also smartphone-connected, allowing you to use the BACtrack app with your iPhone or Android device.

The app helps you to better understand the effect alcohol has on the body by having you guess your current BAC while the device warms up. Then test and it displays your BAC results, so you can see just how close your guess was.

Seeing where we think we’re at, compared to where we actually are, is another way we can learn more about the interaction alcohol has with our body and hopefully leads to a better choices in the future.

The app allows you to track your readings over time, throughout a night, a week, or all-time. It’ll even store your friends results separately, so you don’t confuse the two. You can also use the app to call an Uber, should you find you’re not in a safe spot to drive after drinking.

Big Power, Small Size

BACtrack packs a ton of power into a small package. The C8 is less than half the size of a deck of cards, making it easy to bring anywhere you go.

Though not quite a small as the the keychain-sized C6, the C8 is just a bit bigger, coming in a bit smaller than the BACtrack Mobile Pro. You can see how they compare to each other in the photo in the slideshow at the top of this post.

Size is important in a breathalyzer. If it’s not convenient enough to carry anywhere, you aren’t likely to carry it and it does you no good sitting at home. The C8 packs accurate results into a product small enough for anyone carry in their pocket or purse.

A Trusted Tool

Much of our enjoyment and interaction with alcohol can be benefitted through education. By understanding the impact alcohol has on our bodies, we can build a better relationship with our beloved beverage. The BACtrack C8 breathalyzer packs accurate results into a compact device that’s easy to bring with you.

Learn more about the C8 on the BACtrack website or order a BACtrack C8 one now from Amazon. A better relationship with alcohol is just a little device away.